I am senior lecturer at the Social Science Department of Humboldt University Berlin. Currently I am working on different projects regarding (new) Configurations of Democracy, the measurement of how people view democracy and the legitimacy of the European Union. Facing the difficulties of pure quantitative and pure qualitative methods concerning this questions, I plead for a mixed-methods-study such as the Repertory Grid. I specialize in the research on democracy, legitimacy, empirical social research and the regions of Southeastern Europe, EU and Asia. I hold a PhD in Political Science from Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany. In my thesis I explored the causes for success and failure of democratization processes in Albania and Croatia. After doing my doctorate I worked as a senior lecturer at the Chair of “The Political System of Germany in the European Context”, Department of Political Science at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany and was a member of the ZDEMO – Zentrum für Demokratieforschung. At Humboldt University I am coordinating and teaching primarily in BA “Bildung an Grundschulen” and MA “Lehramt an Grundschulen”. My responsibility is the training of future teachers in social science at Humboldt University.